Battle for Oz Series Information

Here you can find information about the Battle for Oz Tournament Series that will be held over the next 7-8 months! Here is the rundown:

*** Tournament Sign-up Information: If interested in attending any upcoming tournaments, please send an email with the following information: Name, Contact Info, Army, Club Affiliation (if any).***

You get Battle for Oz points for signing up online… so do it!

– 2,500 points

– Models do not have to be Games Workshop models but must be appropriate to your army.

– 3 rounds per tournament

– Although painting is not required, I do judge painting for every tournament. A Painted army is required TO WIN BEST OVERALL FOR THE TOURNAMENT!

– All tournaments begin at 11AM 10:30 AM unless otherwise noted.

– Each and every single Battle for Oz Tournament gives back 100% of the entry fee money. We believe in rewarding the players for making this hobby so great!

– Tournaments are $10.00 entry fee.

– Most importantly, this is a tournament and a competitive spirit is always welcome, but we are here to HAVE FUN! Remember this when building lists, tactics, strategies, etc.

– Terrain is preset. Buildings follow the rules in the WHFB book.

– The Best Overall Winner receives prize money and custom artwork provided by B.A.W.G.S. own Brian Hunter (@bambamhunter). The artwork will be specific to the Battle for Oz Tournament that is being held. For example, for the Scarecrow’s Revenge the prize will be of a custom drawn Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz!

– The Best General will also receive prize money as well as custom artwork. We are working on a custom trophy as well. More to come!


Battle for Oz #1: August 8th, 2015 – The Scarecrow’s Wrath –

Battle for Oz #2: October 17th 24th, 2015 – The Tin Man’s Revenge – Results!

Battle for Oz #3: December 5th, 2015 – The Lion’s Pride – Results!

Battle for Oz #4: February 20th, 2016 – Dorothy’s Return Home – Results!

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    1. Likely, yes. But I don’t want to give a firm yes or no at this moment because we simply don’t know what 9th edition will bring. We will adjust accordingly and let everybody know what we plan to do.

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