Battle for Oz Series Points System

Here you will find the rankings for every tournament that is part of the Battle for Oz Tournament Series. The Battle for Oz Series is designed to get players to participate more in our local tournaments and to not only play the games, but to get more involved in every aspect of the tournament, from painting, to shouting out “FIRST BLOOD!!!”, to the dreaded Winds of Chaos quiz!! Each player automatically gains points for entering in the tournaments and can accrue more points by winning awards. Here is a breakdown of the categories that players will receive points for:

== Attendance

== Best Army Award (Player’s Choice, when applicable)

== Best Sportsman Award

== Best Overall Award

== Best Appearance Award

== Best General

== Winds of Chaos Quiz Winner (when applicable)

== First Blood Winner (when applicable)

== Online Registration

All of these categories award points for every player that receives one of these positions, and points are cumulative. All of this adds up to the coveted Battle for Oz Grand Champion, given out at the end of the 4 tournaments, to the player with the highest points total! The more tournaments you participate in, the better chance you have to win the position of Grand Champion!

Here is a look at the points breakdown for each event:

Attendance = Even 4
Overall Champ = Number of players * 2
Best General = Number of players * 1.75
Best Sportsman = Number of players *   1.5
Best Painted Army = Number of players * 1.25
Best Army = Number of players * 1
Winds of Chaos Quiz Winner =  2
First Blood Winner =  1
Signing up on-line for Tournament =  1

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