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Battle for Oz Round 4, Dorothy’s Return Home News & Notes!!!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, January 18, 2016 at 8:25 AM.

A quick update for everybody that is planning on attending the final round of the Battle for Oz Tournament Series – Dorothy’s Return Home! Remember that it will be featuring The 9th Age! (www.the-ninth-age.com) rules as will the Wicked GT in March 18-20, 2016! As you are well aware, the 9th Age rules are still considered to be in “beta” testing and a final version will be released some time within the next few months… So because of this…

  • Round 4 for the Battle for Oz Tournament Series will be played using the current rules – v0.11.1! We’re going to draw a line in the sand so that you have time to properly build your list and not have to get used to a new version if one gets released between now and then. This roughly gives us one month to anticipate any changes and then we can react to those changes once they’ve been made and submitted. Rather than hassling with changes we’re just going to use v0.11.1 in order to play the final round of the Battle for Oz Tournament Series! This could change if changes come sooner rather than later but we’ll make sure to keep everybody updated as to what we decide to do, however, for now, bank on just using the current rule set!
  • It’s a tight race between the top contenders of the Battle for Oz Tournament Series! We’re going to finish the Series off right and then prep for the 2nd annual Wicked GT in March 2016! If you’re interested in signing up for Round 4 or the Wicked GT then please send an email to mwgamingalliance@yahoo.com and we’ll get you signed up. Looking forward to a great turnout!!

The 9th Age Begins! Battle for Oz Round 3, The Lion’s Pride on December 5th!!!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, November 2, 2015 at 10:05 AM.

We’ve had a few changes in plans over the last few days that I wanted to make sure everybody is aware of. If you didn’t hear, we finished off the 8th Edition with the last Battle for Oz Tournament Series on October 17th and it was one for the ages!! Now we’re focused on ushering in a new era of gaming – The 9th Age! (www.the-ninth-age.com) There’s a few items of interest going forward, so let’s dive right in!!

  • The Oklahoma City 9th Age event on November 7th has now been cancelled. Historically November has always been a tough month to get games in and especially tournaments. What started off looking promising has turned in to way too many people having real life getting in the way… With the Thanksgiving holiday on the horizon, birthdays, and anniversaries it was just too difficult to squeeze this tournament in so for now, we are cancelling and will put all of our focus on December 5th as we prep for the first tournament featuring The 9th Age!! So if you were planning on making it to OKC for this event then do your best to support Round 3 of the Battle for Oz Tournament Series in Wichita on December 5th!
  • Round 3 for the Battle for Oz Tournament Series is scheduled for December 5th! Don’t forget that this will be featuring the 9th Age rule set so if you’re not familiar with the rules then head on over and get yourself familiarized! It’s going to be great and we’re looking at picking up right where we left off in the 8th Edition and finishing the 2nd half of the Battle for Oz Tournament Series! This tournament’s theme will be The Lion’s Pride and if you have been to the last 2 then you’ll know Brian Hunter (@bambamhunter) does some amazing artwork that the Overall Champion gets to take home with them at the end of the day! There are only 2 more tournaments until we get to the 2nd Wicked GT in March 18-20, 2016!!
  • Headshots Bar & Grill! We will be going back to Headshots Bar & Grill for the December 5th tournament so if you enjoyed taking a break last time in between rounds and having some beer and food then come on through again and let’s head over to Headshots on December 5th! Their website can be found here as well as their Facebook page!
  • Current Player Rankings for the Battle for Oz! Where do you stand??? You have 2 more tournaments to start earning your points! Click here to find out the latest rankings!
  • If you’re interested in signing up for Round 3 then please send an email to mwgamingalliance@yahoo.com and we’ll get you signed up. More details coming very soon for official rules!

Farewell 8th Edition… The 9th Age Begins! Battle for Oz Round 2 ends with a bang!!!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, October 19, 2015 at 3:30 PM.

The Battle for Oz Round 2 (#BattleforOz), The Tin Man’s Revenge has come and gone and it was our official sendoff of Warhammer 8th edition. We had 16 generals make the trip and represent one last time before moving on the 9th Age! There were cannons fired, spells cast, and beers drank over at Headshots and it all helped to send off the 8th edition as we closed one chapter of our Warhammer careers, and helped to usher in a new era. Saturday was great. We had a lot of fun and even crowned a new Overall Champion, a guy that won his first ever tournament in the Battle for Oz Tournament Series. A special thank you to everybody that made the trip out and helped to support our case here in the Midwest and looking forward to much more gaming as we support each other to continue what momentum we have helped to build. Congratulations to all of our winners!


  • Brian Hunter (Dark Elves, 2 Massacres, 1 loss) – Overall Champion
  • Evan Schwamb (Vampire Counts) – Best Sportsman
  • Jon Pike (High Elves, 3 Massacres) – Best General
  • Austin Murrey (Warriors of Chaos) – Best Appearance
  • Pete Reese (Dwarfs) – Player’s Choice (9 out of 16 votes)

We had a great turnout and everybody that participated really helped to show off the camaraderie and sportsmanship that go with this game. Pete Reese drove all the way from Houston and we had others come from Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Lawrence. We’ve have done great to support one another and it will only be that much more helpful as we move to the 9th Age with our next tournaments. The air in the shop this weekend was electric… and it seemed like people had lots of bittersweet moods as they said goodbye to Warhammer 8th edition. We’ve been playing this edition for about 6 years now and, like always, it’s hard to accept change but it is always inevitable as well… that there will be change.


Check out the awesome artwork that Brian Hunter (@bambamhunter) did for the 2nd Round of the Battle for Oz. Remember that this round was called The Tin Man’s Revenge, and I think the artwork definitely hits home and captures that theme!


The Battle for Oz Points Rankings will be updated within a day or 2 so make sure to check back to find out who’s taking the top spot as we prepare for Round 3! Speaking of that… Round 3, The Lion’s Pride, will be taking place on December 5th!! So make sure to sign up and participate as we host the first ever 9th Age tournament for Round 3! It’s sure to be awesome! And don’t forget that we will also be hosting the first 9th Age tournament on November 7th in Oklahoma City! Make sure to be apart of all the action! Lastly, The Wicked GT is already starting to get people interested and signed up so make sure to check out the website and get yourself registered. If you didn’t attend last year then you missed out! This will be the first GT regionally that features The 9th Age as well!!

And lastly, here’s some various pics from the weekend! Thank you to everybody that continues to make our tournaments successful and for your continued support! The only way that we will make our hobby survive is if we support one another! So if you want to get in on all we have going on then make sure to come to our next tournaments and get involved in the discussions we’re having over on the forums!

Pete Reese's Dwarfs took the Player's Choice Award!
Pete Reese’s Dwarfs took the Player’s Choice Award!