The Green Tide: Squig Herd and Squig Hoppers!


Submitted by Iggy Koopa, May 29, 2014 at 9:01 AM.

A quick update on The Green Tide… They’re starting to come along and it’s actually looking like a small army.


I’ve done some work over the last couple of days and have finished up the first Mangler Squig. Now I need to find the right sized base for him in order to get him painted up and ready for the battlefield. Since I last worked on the Mangler Squig I began putting together the next unit for the O&Gs… and what better unit to use other than a whacky unit of the Manglers smaller cousins – the squig herd! One of the things that has always attracted me to the O&G army is the history and lore of the squigs. They’re amazing models, have great stats, and are as unpredictable as the weather, which makes playing Orcs and Goblins so fun! I have included a unit of 25 (17 squigs and 8 handlers) and got their movement tray done as well. I decided that since Squigs are not easy (or cheap) to come by that I would include a couple of unit fillers in the unit and went with some of the mushrooms that you see in the pics. Mad Cap Mushrooms are mentioned throughout the O&G book and are used a lot by Night Goblin Shamans and Fanatics so I figured sticking to that bit of lore would be cool to help fill out the unit. I am going to put 1-2 squigs on each base along with some mushrooms and other small bits and it will “count as” 4 squigs. Helps me save some money and will give the unit a little bit of character, I think.


One of my other favorite units in all of the O&G book is the Squig Hoppers! In gaming terms, they are Skirmishers and do some pretty good damage if they ever make it to close combat. Like the rest of the army they are so unpredictable and the models are pretty awesome. I managed to get my hands on the one squig rider that is riding backwards and has his butt showing – hands down one of my favorite models. I went ahead and made them a movement tray and will decorate it with mushrooms as well once I get a little more time.


I also got the Savage Orcs put together and ranked up and have decided to put in a unit filler for this unit as well. This one will “count as” 6 models and not really sure what I’m going to use for the filler. Any ideas? I was thinking some type of statue that is an idol to Mork and Gork…. sprinkled with some mushrooms…? I want to have mushrooms spread throughout the army to tie it all together in the end. Let me know if you have any ideas I can go with.


Next I’m going to put together the Night Goblins (along with another unit filler, I have a pretty good idea for this one…) and the big bad Black Orcs. I also have some Arrer Boys to fill out the core selection. So, all in all, the army is coming along and should be all put together and ready to go for the Havoc in the Summer on June 14th! It definitely won’t be painted but I’ll at least have it put together and that’ll give me a starting point to begin painting on it. I believe I’m going to try to make it to the Rock Wars GT in Little Rock, Arkansas in September, which makes for a great goal to get it all painted up and based by then.



The Green Tide: Custom sculpted Mangler Squig (UPDATE).


Submitted by Iggy Koopa, May 21, 2014 at 8:00 AM.

I spent some more time over the last day and a half working on the lower half of my Mangler Squig for my up and coming O&G army and I must say that I am truly impressed with some of the great sculptors around the world… I am by no means any good at this and to see some of the details that these new models have is simply incredible. I have tried and tried to do some things to this model but my sculpting skills simply suck compared to other guys. That said, I did some sculpting of the legs and also put some spots on the back of the Squig. I have found that the clay dries pretty hard but also makes it somewhat heavy which kinda makes me concerned when it comes time to glue him to the base. I have some more filling in to do around the base of legs (where it meets the body) and would like to add a couple of scratches and more spots around the legs… I’d also like to throw in some drool around his mouth. So, still more to come but I wanted to give an update on the legs! The Mangler Squig is now at least completely built up, it’s just down to the details! Here’s some pics:





The Green Tide: Custom sculpted Mangler Squig.


Submitted by Iggy Koopa, May 16, 2014 at 8:15 AM.

Taking a page from a local player here in OKC by the name of Skyfi (Check out his blog on dakkadakka, he’s got some great stuff), I decided to try my hand at sculpting my very own Mangler Squig for my next army, Orcs & Goblins. Don’t get me wrong, I really like the look of the new Mangler Squig models but any chance I can get to save some coin I’m going to take it. And since Michael’s puts out a weekly 40% off coupon I was able to get what I needed for this guy (sculpy and foam balls) for about $7. If I can get it to where I want it, I’ll consider this a huge win (both in money saved and in originality for my army).

So I gave it a shot yesterday afternoon and looked up other custom made mangler squigs on the ‘net and then used various ones for inspiration. Surprisingly, the sculpy is very easy to use and not too tough to smooth out. It’s a 24 hour air dry so tonight I’ll see how that actually works out. I wanted to steer clear of any bake to dry sculpy and see how this works out instead. I hope it dries well enough to continue to use because I really like how easy it is to work with. Anyways, I flattened out the clay and wrapped it around the foam ball and then made some eyes, horns, and a mouth. Not really feeling the mouth right now but Skyfi did give me some tips on how to make it better (rounding off the teeth) so I’ll try that out tonight. I need to finish up the legs as well but wanted to pass along the first pic of my custom Mangler Squig. I plan on making another on as well, and possibly some smaller ones to count as unit fillers for my squig unit. Here it is, lemme know what you think!


Hobby Process Improvement #1: Photo Lightbox.

Submitted by Iggykoopa, May 9, 2014, 12:29 PM.

iggykoopaWell we’ve decided that we’re going to add a section to our new blog titled “Hobby Process Improvements”. The goal is to bring you some new things that might help in the overall process of this wonderful hobby… whether it be painting on gems to make them look more realistic, how-to paint guides, tips for making movement trays, etc, etc. And hopefully it will help make your lives a little bit easier when it comes to these miniatures, because we all know how delicate they can be.

I’m dipping back into an old post that I submitted a couple years ago but I think it’s worth reposting as this item is something I still use to this day. Here’s the very first of our Hobby Process Improvement articles: The Photo Lightbox.

I do lots of painting and frequently upload the completed models to various sites and blogs in order to get some feedback. Now we all know that it’s nearly impossible to capture how well a model really looks in person on a camera… And so it’s up to us to make sure we get as close to “real” as we can get. That’s where this lightbox comes in handy. I struggled with this for years before I came across a couple of sites that showed how they took better pictures… One thing that I came across that seemed to be a common theme was the lighting of the model when you take the picture. I had just been using 2 pieces of white paper and a fluorescent light above it, and that was it. Here’s how I had been taking photos of the miniatures:

This was all I had!
This was all I had!

The good thing about this project is that you can get everything you need for about $10 from either Wal-mart or Hobby Lobby (weekly 40% off coupon, woot!). It took me a total of 45 minutes from start to finish and the return on investment of both time and money was well worth it. Here’s the materials I used.


You can make the lightbox any size you want but I decided to go about a square foot in length. I started by cutting out four 12 inch x 12 inch pieces of foamboard and set two of those to the side as these will need further modification. These two will need to have another square cut out into them and I went 2 inches in from the edge. I also cut out two 3 inch strips that are 12 inches in length. So far, this is what you should have:


Next what you should do is have the glue gun plugged in so that it’s hot and ready to go. Take the two square foot pieces and glue them together so that they are perpendicular with each other. Once glued take the two pieces that have squares cut into them and place them on either side, so that it’s starting to look like a 3D box. Take one of your pieces of 3 inch foamboard and glue it across the top so that it holds the two top pieces together. I know that was a lot to take in, so how about a picture of what you should have so far?


Next take the wax paper that you bought and cut it into pieces that are big enough to cover the cutouts on the side pieces. This serves as a filter to drown out some of the light that will be coming in from either side and help to give it a brighter, richer look once you begin taking photographs. You can simply take some scotch tape and apply it to the wax paper and then tape it against the foamboard. Here’s what you should have:


Lastly is the blue piece of foam that will serve as the background. You can use blue paper or spongy foam that can be found at Hobby Lobby and Walmart. Either way it will work. The blue color helps to stand out against the light and really makes the models pop so I would recommend using a light blue as opposed to any other color. I glued one end of the blue foam and then let the rest of it sort of slope downwards into the front of the lightbox. Here you go:


And here’s what it should now be looking like once you have it all glued together and the blue foam applied:


The only thing that’s not pictured is my use of another clip on light. I usually use 2 lights on either side of the lightbox and one fluorescent light on top. This way it eliminates any shadow that might be trying to creep in and thus make the model really stand out once you take pictures!

To really drive home my point of how well this works, here’s a before picture of a Deathwing terminator:


And here’s one with lightbox:


A huge change! Simple and very easy to make and one of the most effective things I’ve ever made and still use to this day. I post a lot to my blog so I try to take some good pictures and having this lightbox really helps to deliver some good photos. Hope this will help you out for your picture taking in the future! Let me know what you think!

Midwest Gaming Alliance Blog goes live!

Submitted by Iggykoopa, May 8, 2014, 1:36 PM.

iggykoopaThis is the beginning of our brand new blog: The Midwest Gaming Alliance! This blog will be managed by both myself and my bro (Horned Rat Rob) and to start off we are going to merge our two blogs together in an attempt to get all traffic going to one central location. My blog was formerly known as The Jungles of Lustria and Rob’s was HornedRatRob. We are going to be moving some of the material that we had at both of those sites and adding them to this site so that we can have some archives of some of the things we’ve done over the last couple of years. Going forward, we will use this blog as an engine and communication tool for all folks within the Midwest and beyond to have a place to find out all the happenings of all things tabletop gaming from as far south as Texas all the way up north to Minnesota!

We will still keep painting logs on the projects we’re working on so you’ll see updates on what’s being worked on from time to time but we’ll also now use this blog as the central location for the Wheat Shocker Tournament Series. So in addition to posting about our numerous painting projects we will also post information, news, changes, and more about the tournament series. We’ll also keep the rankings up to date so that you will be able to see where you rank and how close you are to taking home the Warlord Trophy in December! Both Rob and I will be the authors of this blog so you’ll see things from both him and myself.

Also new is the Midwest Gaming Alliance Forums. You can find the link right here as well as on the toolbar on the right side of this blog. If you’re new to this site please take the time to become a member and get involved in the conversations that we have going. Our ultimate goal is to align with the many gaming groups spread across the Midwest and support each other as much as we can in the gaming scene and then have a large Midwest Grand Tournament of our own, that will bring all of these groups together collectively!

Rob and I are excited about the things to come and the amount of steam we’ve already built up since the beginning of the year. The first step is merging our blogs together and get everybody on the same page to understand where everything is located on the web. Rob holds tournaments every other month in Wichita, Kansas and the guys in Oklahoma City have some of their own as well. There’s plenty to do and plenty to get involved in. The iron is hot! Now is the time to strike. Please spread the word about this new blog and get people talking. If you are part of a group in the Midwest (or anywhere, really) please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can all work together to make our names known here in Middle America!

Putting Midwest Tabletop Gaming on the map!