Midwest Gaming Alliance Blog goes live!

Submitted by Iggykoopa, May 8, 2014, 1:36 PM.

iggykoopaThis is the beginning of our brand new blog: The Midwest Gaming Alliance! This blog will be managed by both myself and my bro (Horned Rat Rob) and to start off we are going to merge our two blogs together in an attempt to get all traffic going to one central location. My blog was formerly known as The Jungles of Lustria and Rob’s was HornedRatRob. We are going to be moving some of the material that we had at both of those sites and adding them to this site so that we can have some archives of some of the things we’ve done over the last couple of years. Going forward, we will use this blog as an engine and communication tool for all folks within the Midwest and beyond to have a place to find out all the happenings of all things tabletop gaming from as far south as Texas all the way up north to Minnesota!

We will still keep painting logs on the projects we’re working on so you’ll see updates on what’s being worked on from time to time but we’ll also now use this blog as the central location for the Wheat Shocker Tournament Series. So in addition to posting about our numerous painting projects we will also post information, news, changes, and more about the tournament series. We’ll also keep the rankings up to date so that you will be able to see where you rank and how close you are to taking home the Warlord Trophy in December! Both Rob and I will be the authors of this blog so you’ll see things from both him and myself.

Also new is the Midwest Gaming Alliance Forums. You can find the link right here as well as on the toolbar on the right side of this blog. If you’re new to this site please take the time to become a member and get involved in the conversations that we have going. Our ultimate goal is to align with the many gaming groups spread across the Midwest and support each other as much as we can in the gaming scene and then have a large Midwest Grand Tournament of our own, that will bring all of these groups together collectively!

Rob and I are excited about the things to come and the amount of steam we’ve already built up since the beginning of the year. The first step is merging our blogs together and get everybody on the same page to understand where everything is located on the web. Rob holds tournaments every other month in Wichita, Kansas and the guys in Oklahoma City have some of their own as well. There’s plenty to do and plenty to get involved in. The iron is hot! Now is the time to strike. Please spread the word about this new blog and get people talking. If you are part of a group in the Midwest (or anywhere, really) please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can all work together to make our names known here in Middle America!

Putting Midwest Tabletop Gaming on the map!