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Throgg’s Revenge: Troll King Throgg takes up arms!


Submitted by Iggy Koopa, March 31, 2014 at 11:15 AM.

Lots has been happening both in the Warhammer scene and my personal life. It’s been very difficult to sit down and paint my newest army like I want to… but I hear that tends to happen when you have a newborn that you have to take care of. And don’t get me wrong, I love my baby girl with all my heart so I have no problems doing it but sometimes I wish I could just sit down and get to work like I did in the past. Well my wife is a real trooper and does an amazing job with our newest bundle of joy… and she really helps me out because she knows that the Wicked GT is coming up (and she’s even gonna be there as the bartender!) and how passionate I am about the GT season.

Me and my baby girl, Zuri.
Me and my baby girl, Zuri.

I told her that I’m starting a new army and she’s done her best to give me time to paint every now and then, and I finally started out with my newest Army General: Throgg. I’ve never been a Chaos fan but have always liked the lore of it and when I started reading through the Warriors of Chaos book and seen that you can take Throgg and the Chaos Trolls as troops choices I knew that this was going to be my next army! So with the support of my wife and taking advantage of any downtime I can get, I set out to start “Throgg’s Revenge” and slap some paint on the start of my newest army model: Throgg.



Let me start off by saying that this model is immaculate! There’s so much detail on the model and it is, by far, one of my all time favorite models that GW has ever made. This particular model is the finecast and thankfully there was no problems with it. The theme of my army is that the army of trolls is emerging from their mountainside caves after being ambushed by patrolling armies. Furious with what has happened to his kin, Throgg sets about to exact revenge and gathers his troops together to take over the Olde World! To this end, I’m going to put mountainous rocks on the base of all the models in the army (and there’s not a lot of models so this works out perfectly), which is what you see here on Throgg’s base. The previous owner of this model added 2 snotlings to the base, almost as if they were trying to lift him up… I think it’s a nice touch so I kept them there.


As for the actual painting of Throgg… Well, I went a little bit different than how we normally envision him. I liked the dark look of the color from the box but I have always been attracted to brighter colors (see my Lizardmen and O&G armies) and thought I’d apply that this model to see how it turns out. I went with a brighter green as his skin color and made the cape purple and red, to really pop against the green. I then picked out the scales that he has all over his body with a sort of ultramarines blue and highlighted out to bright blue. I plan on painting all the trolls in this army with the same bright green color for their skin. I think it’ll look really good when it’s all done. The amount of detail on this model is crazy. I really love all the chaos mutations that are on his body… from the mouths embedded in different parts of his torso and legs to the crown that is so small compared to his massive size that it literally could fit on one of his fingers, but instead wears it on his tusk! And to show how tough Throgg is he even has a few axes embedded in his thick hide but seems to only piss him off even more rather than inflict any real pain. This model is amazing and I had a great time painting him up.




I’m really looking forward to getting this army done and start to play a few games with it. I’m definitely going to throw it into the Grudge Match Series and see how it does against Austin and Adam. The only real downside I see to this army is the lack of banners. Trolls can’t take musicians or standard bearers like other troops and so I lose that in combat resolution right away, not to mention the Blood and Glory scenario that determines the winner by fortitude.  Oh well, though, I know these things going into making the army and I’ve always been one to play an army based off of theme rather than how well it can do on the battlefield.


So Throgg is the start of my new Chaos list and I have him surrounded by several Chaos Trolls and filled out with some other big nasties that are available from the Chaos Army Book. Here’s the list of all the models that I have in the army and what is next on the painting block:

Throgg, King of the Trolls (Complete!)

– Daemon Prince

– Exalted Hero on Daemonic Mount (Battle Standard Bearer)

– 8 Chaos Trolls

– 7 Chaos Trolls

– 6 Chaos Trolls (Next!)

– Chaos Spawn

– 4 Dragon Ogres

– Chimera

– Dragon Ogre Shaggoth

As always, thanks for reading and make sure to check back to see the progress of Throgg’s Revenge!