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Hogfest GT Report Out! Year 1 in the books and it was a good one!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, November 6, 2017 at 1:40 PM.

iggykoopaMade it back from the small, quaint town of Washington, Missouri last night and I put together some words to help describe what took place this past weekend. If you weren’t already aware, the first ever Hogfest GT took place and was run by my good buddy Jeff Durham. There was a total of 26 players and they came from all over – Texas, Kansas, Colorado, Ohio, and Illinois. Friday night a big group of us got together and had a few beers while getting ready for a weekend of gaming. It was a great way to kick off the weekend!

Saturday the GT got going and the venue was the Knights of Columbus hall, which was perfect for what we needed. The room was big enough and there is a full service bar connected to the room where we could watch football and buy any other types of drinks we wanted in case you didn’t want beer. Jeff had Bud Light, Bud Select, and water all available for $1, which was excellent! There was plenty of room and never once felt squeezed in or crowded and if we can get over 30 for next year then we can move into the room that was connected to this one, which is about 2.5 times the size so there’s definitely room for growth.

I ended up going 3-2 and took 8th place overall. I played Jake Murphy from Chicago in round 1 and it was one of my favorite games of the weekend. He had some terrible dice rolls and seemed like I couldn’t fail an armor save (this would come back to bite me in game 3!!) and I ended up winning 17-3 for Round 1. My second game was against Jurand and his cheesy Vermin Hordes!! I was completely outmatched and got my ass handed to me so I lost 20-0. Round 3 I was fortunate enough to play Vermin Hordes (again!) and lost 20-0 again… though my dice absolutely abandoned me! Taking nothing away from Dennis in Round 3 but my dice hated me and had had enough for one day… so I was on my own. Day 1  I ended up 1-2.

Day 2 comes around and I played my first game against Dwarven Holds. Hard fought match and I got a minor win, 11-9. Finally, in Round 5 I play DH again and was able to completely massacre his force so I got 20-0. I ended the weekend 3-2 and a  total of 48 battle points, which was enough to get my Best General for the “Beef Master” category! Here’s what I won!

Here’s a few pictures from the weekend:

Overall it was a great weekend and I had an awesome time against each of my opponents. Wish my dice would’ve worked better for me but sometimes you roll 6’s and sometimes you roll 1’s. I would recommend the Hogfest GT and I’m glad that we now have another GT added to the 2018 circuit. We have a lot of great momentum going right now and we need to keep it going to make 9th Age last!

Next up is the Red River Rumble GT in February 2018! Make sure to get signed up and start off the 9th Age GT circuit right!!

Twitter: @iggykoopa30, @RRRumbleGT


The 9th Age Begins! Battle for Oz Round 3, The Lion’s Pride on December 5th!!!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, November 2, 2015 at 10:05 AM.

We’ve had a few changes in plans over the last few days that I wanted to make sure everybody is aware of. If you didn’t hear, we finished off the 8th Edition with the last Battle for Oz Tournament Series on October 17th and it was one for the ages!! Now we’re focused on ushering in a new era of gaming – The 9th Age! ( There’s a few items of interest going forward, so let’s dive right in!!

  • The Oklahoma City 9th Age event on November 7th has now been cancelled. Historically November has always been a tough month to get games in and especially tournaments. What started off looking promising has turned in to way too many people having real life getting in the way… With the Thanksgiving holiday on the horizon, birthdays, and anniversaries it was just too difficult to squeeze this tournament in so for now, we are cancelling and will put all of our focus on December 5th as we prep for the first tournament featuring The 9th Age!! So if you were planning on making it to OKC for this event then do your best to support Round 3 of the Battle for Oz Tournament Series in Wichita on December 5th!
  • Round 3 for the Battle for Oz Tournament Series is scheduled for December 5th! Don’t forget that this will be featuring the 9th Age rule set so if you’re not familiar with the rules then head on over and get yourself familiarized! It’s going to be great and we’re looking at picking up right where we left off in the 8th Edition and finishing the 2nd half of the Battle for Oz Tournament Series! This tournament’s theme will be The Lion’s Pride and if you have been to the last 2 then you’ll know Brian Hunter (@bambamhunter) does some amazing artwork that the Overall Champion gets to take home with them at the end of the day! There are only 2 more tournaments until we get to the 2nd Wicked GT in March 18-20, 2016!!
  • Headshots Bar & Grill! We will be going back to Headshots Bar & Grill for the December 5th tournament so if you enjoyed taking a break last time in between rounds and having some beer and food then come on through again and let’s head over to Headshots on December 5th! Their website can be found here as well as their Facebook page!
  • Current Player Rankings for the Battle for Oz! Where do you stand??? You have 2 more tournaments to start earning your points! Click here to find out the latest rankings!
  • If you’re interested in signing up for Round 3 then please send an email to and we’ll get you signed up. More details coming very soon for official rules!

Farewell 8th Edition… The 9th Age Begins! Battle for Oz Round 2 ends with a bang!!!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, October 19, 2015 at 3:30 PM.

The Battle for Oz Round 2 (#BattleforOz), The Tin Man’s Revenge has come and gone and it was our official sendoff of Warhammer 8th edition. We had 16 generals make the trip and represent one last time before moving on the 9th Age! There were cannons fired, spells cast, and beers drank over at Headshots and it all helped to send off the 8th edition as we closed one chapter of our Warhammer careers, and helped to usher in a new era. Saturday was great. We had a lot of fun and even crowned a new Overall Champion, a guy that won his first ever tournament in the Battle for Oz Tournament Series. A special thank you to everybody that made the trip out and helped to support our case here in the Midwest and looking forward to much more gaming as we support each other to continue what momentum we have helped to build. Congratulations to all of our winners!


  • Brian Hunter (Dark Elves, 2 Massacres, 1 loss) – Overall Champion
  • Evan Schwamb (Vampire Counts) – Best Sportsman
  • Jon Pike (High Elves, 3 Massacres) – Best General
  • Austin Murrey (Warriors of Chaos) – Best Appearance
  • Pete Reese (Dwarfs) – Player’s Choice (9 out of 16 votes)

We had a great turnout and everybody that participated really helped to show off the camaraderie and sportsmanship that go with this game. Pete Reese drove all the way from Houston and we had others come from Kansas City, Oklahoma City, and Lawrence. We’ve have done great to support one another and it will only be that much more helpful as we move to the 9th Age with our next tournaments. The air in the shop this weekend was electric… and it seemed like people had lots of bittersweet moods as they said goodbye to Warhammer 8th edition. We’ve been playing this edition for about 6 years now and, like always, it’s hard to accept change but it is always inevitable as well… that there will be change.


Check out the awesome artwork that Brian Hunter (@bambamhunter) did for the 2nd Round of the Battle for Oz. Remember that this round was called The Tin Man’s Revenge, and I think the artwork definitely hits home and captures that theme!


The Battle for Oz Points Rankings will be updated within a day or 2 so make sure to check back to find out who’s taking the top spot as we prepare for Round 3! Speaking of that… Round 3, The Lion’s Pride, will be taking place on December 5th!! So make sure to sign up and participate as we host the first ever 9th Age tournament for Round 3! It’s sure to be awesome! And don’t forget that we will also be hosting the first 9th Age tournament on November 7th in Oklahoma City! Make sure to be apart of all the action! Lastly, The Wicked GT is already starting to get people interested and signed up so make sure to check out the website and get yourself registered. If you didn’t attend last year then you missed out! This will be the first GT regionally that features The 9th Age as well!!

And lastly, here’s some various pics from the weekend! Thank you to everybody that continues to make our tournaments successful and for your continued support! The only way that we will make our hobby survive is if we support one another! So if you want to get in on all we have going on then make sure to come to our next tournaments and get involved in the discussions we’re having over on the forums!

Pete Reese's Dwarfs took the Player's Choice Award!
Pete Reese’s Dwarfs took the Player’s Choice Award!



Mile High Massacre GT Report Out! Spoiler Alert: I win something!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, September 16, 2015 at 8:46 AM.

iggykoopaThe Mile  High Massacre came and went over the weekend and took place in beautiful Caste Rock, Colorado. My wife and I made the 9+ hour road trip there on a Friday night and after many construction delays, finally arrived at our hotel about 1:30 AM on Saturday morning… Western Kansas sure does suck as far as scenery goes. Nothing… and I mean nothing, but flatlands out there. Made for a pretty boring drive. Anyways, we made the trek to Castle Rock (which is just south of Denver) and participated in the MHM, where there were a total of 14 generals that had entered. Because of what has happened to Warhammer the TO (Chad Graham) had mentioned that at one point they had 40 players but then it dropped down to 14 once AoS hit the scene… sad, indeed. Even with 14 generals, a great time was had by all.

Fitting to have Coors when in Colorado, right??
Fitting to have Coors when in Colorado, right??

I brought the Lizardmen out of retirement and took the dual Carnosaur list and even added an Oldblood on foot to add some extra punch to one of my Saurus units. It ended up working out pretty well, too. I often find that my Saurus can hold up another unit but that can’t ever deliver a knockout punch, and that’s exactly what I had in mind with my Oldblood build. I gave him the Sword of Striking so he usually hits on a 2+ and has 5 Strength 5 attacks. More than once he hit on 6 dice (thanks to the Predatory Fighter rule) and was able to do 3-4 wounds a round. It helped out big time when he actually got to swing. My spells for the Skink Priest were pretty much ineffective throughout the entire tournament as I only rolled the Comet of Casandora once and never even got it off. Oh well…

I ended up going 3-1-1 and took 4th place overall with 132 points total (give or take 2-3 points). My wins came against Skaven, Lizardmen, and Tomb Kings… the draw against Wood Elves, and the lone loss against Daemons of Chaos (Kairos Fateweaver). I was able to take home the Best Painted Award as well! Which is pretty awesome, since I pride myself on my painting skills. So it’s just another trophy to add to my collection!


Here’s a few pictures from the weekend:


Overall it was a well-ran tournament and even though there were only 14 players the sense of camaraderie was real. We all got together for a beer and a burger at Red Robin as a group after Day 1. There was a lot of smack talking, beer drinking, and general shenanigans that evening and it made for an enjoyable gaming experience. The Colorado crew has some really great players and hopefully we can get some of them to come to the Wicked GT. The venue was large and spacious and the weather really helped out as we had 2 beautiful days where we started the days out with the doors open. After that, when it got too warm, the AC just kicked on and it was enjoyable. The only beef I have is the restroom (which apparently is an issue for most everybody) as it was a good walk away and not attached to neither the room nor the building. It wasn’t so bad, though. There were tons of places nearby to eat so that made it easy when choosing some place for food.

Now that the Mile High Massacre has come to and end the King of the Mountain is next to come! It calls upon all of the top qualifiers from several area tournaments to compete to become crowned King of the Mountain! We’re trying to rally people to go so if you’re up for it then let’s make it happen and finish off the GT circuit right. Thanks to Chad Graham for making the Mile High Massacre happen and here’s to hoping we can keep Warhammer alive and well in the Midwest.


Sunflower GT Report Out! Spoiler Alert: Best Appearance trophy now at my house!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, April 29, 2015 at 9:04 AM.

iggykoopaThe first ever Sunflower GT took place this past weekend and B.A.W.G.S. had a strong appearance with 3 of us making the trip; myself, Erik Wilmeth, and my bro Rob (Horned Rat Rob)!  There’s lots to go over so here goes:

Although the weather started out pretty crappy the first 2 days the clouds ultimately parted in each of the afternoons and made way for the gorgeous sun so other than the morning ride in from Wichita, we had pretty decent weather. Perhaps the rain was a sign of things to come for my Lizardmen, as I had some of the shittiest dice rolls I’ve ever seen in my 15 years of playing this game…

If you recall from my previous post, I brought the Lizardmen out of retirement and made a special appearance with them for the Sunflower GT, and even tried out a new list in which I included a Slann Mage-Priest with the Lore of Life. On paper, it’s a very tough list, but in practice, let me tell you… it was a whole different ball game. There’s a reason why you roll dice and not play paperhammer.

IMG_0405Before I get into how I did on the battlefield, let me go over some pros and cons for the Sunflower GT:


– Scoring System: The scoring system for the Sunflower GT was different than I’ve ever seen before, but I can definitely see the upside in it. Rather than weighing each category individually (Battle Points, Sportsmanship, and Appearance) they made each category worth exactly 1/3 of your total points. There were 35 points max in each category so you could earn 105 total points for the tournament. This is unusual to me because what this means is that you don’t have to do so well in your actual games (as you’ll soon find out) and do very well in Appearance and Sportsmanship and still end up at the top of the group. Again, nothing wrong with the way the guys at the Sunflower ran things as they made it well known they were going to score this way from day one of announcing the GT. It was just an unusual way of scoring a GT in my opinion, as I think they should be weighed more towards how you do on the battlefield as opposed to the other 2 categories. That said, it was different but ok for a change. I’d like to see the standard way of scoring at a GT, but that’s my 2 cents.

– Prize Support: The big sponsor for the Sunflower GT was one of our sponsors for Wicked GT: (Bits of War). These guys make some great custom sculpts that can be incorporated into several different armies in Warhammer. All of their prize support (other than the actual winners of the big awards) was from Bits of War. While I’m pretty sure just about everybody walked away with something in hand I would’ve liked to seen some actual Games Workshop product handed out as that’s more likely to be used in the future by gamers other than sculpts that may or may not work for your army. I don’t know how much the venue cost or what the other expenses were but I was disappointed to see that there was not a whole lot of product handed out in the end (although the winners were given $100 store credit and the overall champ got $200, which was awesome!).


And now for some pros:


– Location: The location of both the store and the GT venue was awesome because of it’s proximity of places to eat and get something to drink. You could literally walk to restaurants like Buffalo Wild Wings and D’Bronx (sandwich shop) and just had to drive about 1 mile down the road to get to the liquor store if you wanted to bring in some booze. Our hotel was about 2 miles away also, which made it pretty convenient. Having this location was a big plus to me.

– Venue: The venue was attached to their gaming store and easily held 36 people. The tables were pretty awesome and sturdy and some had pretty good terrain on it. There was plenty of room for people to move around with their armies in hand and never had to worry about being too crowded. Always a plus when moving around 2,500 points of army as well as dice, templates, and everything else that you need to play.


– Staff: Ryan Moore and Rob Baker both ran the Sunflower GT and these guys were on top of it. They ran a great tournament and were very attentive when rules disputes came up and I have to give a HUGE SHOUT OUT to Rob for being there every single time I had a low beer… He would come by, pick up the bottle right as I took my last sip and then come right back with another one. As somebody else said, all he needed was the white towel on his forearm and he would’ve been completely outfitted! Both of these guys were taking lots of pictures, walking around to all tables to make sure everybody had what they needed, and never ran behind schedule, which is huge in a GT. Rob even walked around with a timer letting everybody know exactly how much time was left. These guys put on a great show and the fact that it ran so smoothly is a testament to how well they pulled it off.


Scenarios: Personally, I liked the scenarios that they used. And the only used one: battleline. It made it very easy to remember and made the start of each game go smoothly because you weren’t constantly referring back to the rulebook and seeing how you set up your armies. It was the same set up each game and you each picked an objective that you think you could complete (things like kill the enemy general, keep your general alive, have a unit with fortitude in the other player’s deployment zone, etc) and also that you could prevent your opponent from completing. Each of these bonus objectives were worth 1 point so you could get 2 total bonus points at the end of each game. I thought it was very simple and an easy addition that made it that much better. I’ve been in tournaments where there is simply too many special rules to remember for each game and this was a breath of fresh air in my opinion.

As for my actual gameplay… I ended up going 2-3 and had wins against Tomb Kings and Daemons of Chaos. My losses where to an all Skink Lizardmen army, Beastmen, and Daemons of Chaos. I had fun with each and every single game and even though I got beat down a couple times I still enjoyed it. It’s rare that I come across a bad player and I like to think I’m a pretty good sportsman so there’s usually not a problem when it comes to having a good time. Some highlights I can remember was getting of Dweller’s Below 2 times on the Tomb Kings player. In total, I believe the spell killed about 30 models and eventually wiped out the unit. Another highlight (?) was successfully casting Throne of Vines and miscasting and then rolling a 1 to see if it was ignored. I then rolled a 10 and lost 2 wizard levels and the Throne of Vines spell for the rest of the game! The first 3 games my dice were straight hatin’ on me!

Lastly, because I did so well on my Appearance score (23 out of 37) and my Sportsmanship score (34 out of 35) and not so well on my battle points (17 out of 35) I did enough to win Best Appearance with my Lizardmen. I always enjoy winning games but winning appearance is even bigger for me so this was a pretty awesome award for me to bring home. Especially since there were a few armies there that were pretty amazing. All said and done, I ended up 2nd place Overall, which came as a surprise to me because I was 2-3. If you’ll recall, this was because of the way they scored the GT and made each category equal to one another so because I did so well on Appearance and Sportsmanship it boosted me up to 2nd place, which is unusual to me because it’s not typically how GTs are scored. Going 2-3 usually means you’re going to be down in the lower half of the players. Either way, I was pretty excited that I walked away with an award! I also got a mold trimmer and a 4×6 play mat for my winnings! Those mats are amazing!



To sum it all up I had a great time at the Sunflower GT, even though the scoring was not what I was expecting. However, I’ve been in touch with the TOs and they’ve said that this was a trial scoring system and they’re already looking a changes for next year. Not sure if that means they’ll change it but it’s nice to see that they are open to feedback about their GT. I thought it was ran well and got to play against some cool players and was even fortunate enough to walk away with Best Appearance. Here’s to making it back next year! Sunflower GT Year 1 in the books!


West Coast GT Report Out! Spoilers: I get my ass kicked!!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, April 14, 2015 at 10:30 AM.

iggykoopaWest Coast GT has come and gone and now I’m back in Oklahoma City recuperating from the weekend… and man, was it exhausting and fun! I have tons to report out on so here goes:

To start things off let me congratulate Bill, Fred, and Jim over at West Coast Hammertime for putting on another great GT. This was my 2nd time making it to the West Coast GT, so I’ve now attended 2 out of the last 3 years. I made the trek on a total of 4 flights – and even seen my bag get thrown around that contained my lord on Wyvern and custom Mangler Squig – and amazingly nothing ended up being broken. I’ll never forget looking out the airplane window and seeing my bag being thrown around, absolutely thinking the worst. I must’ve done a good job packing it up. I made it to the venue on Friday night about 10:15 PM, shook hands, had a few beers and caught up with a lot of guys that I met last time I attended. The weekend was promising, and I was glad I was able to make it out there. They upped the total amount of players to 70, up from 44 the first year, and there was a lot of great players and clubs there. Let me get into the meat and potatoes of it…

I brought my Orcs & Goblins and they used the Swedish Comp scoring system to match up opponents in Rounds 1 and 2. For Rounds 3 through 5 they went off of battle points. My army scored an 11.3 and I matched up against a Vampire Counts army that was beautifully painted! Bob Felix was my opponent and he was from there in SoCal.

The Green Tide that made its West Coast GT debut.
The Green Tide that made its West Coast GT debut.

Tons of great armies were there and a lot of great players as well. I have several pros and cons to cover, so let me get right into that:


– Table Height: This is always an issue for me so it’s not a knock on the GT… it seems to be standard for most GTs that they get the fold out tables and place a mat on top of it. After a weekend of gaming my knees have had enough. So that’s my gripe there, but this is surely a result of being spoiled by the great tables that they have at Hero Complex.

– Prize Support: Granted, I don’t know anything about how much the venue costs, how much the mats and tables cost, or anything else associated with cost so I’m not saying at all that the money didn’t go to good use. I am saying, however, that I was anticipating more prize support. In Year 1, they had a raffle where random people could win stuff in between rounds and then there was great prize support with each of the winners. It seemed to be lacking this year as only plaques and a few boxes of prize support came with each winner, of which there was only 6 (awards) handed out. For a tournament of this size I was expecting to see much more prize support.


– Scenarios: This one is kind of hit or miss, depending on who you ask. I felt like some of the scenarios, while unique and tailored to the WCGT, were a little too wordy and had too many rules to remember. Simple and straight-to-the-point scenarios work best in my opinion but even as lengthy as some of them were, it didn’t take anything from the experience, just something I’d like to point out as going either way.

And that’s about it for the cons. One day we ran slightly behind schedule but nothing like an hour late. It was about 10 minutes so it wasn’t that big of a deal. We were busy talking, drinking, and having a good time to even notice that we were off schedule by 10 minutes.


– Venue: Same as last time. These guys have partnered well with the Elks Lodge to bring a combination of space and great location to their GT. Plenty of room in there and the on-site restaurant and bar offered lunch on Saturday and breakfast on Sunday. And not just bar food, they had some pretty good meals that they offered. They also had snacks like popcorn and hot dogs with all the fixins’ as well as chips for purchase. To make it all better, it’s dirt cheap! The members of the Elks Lodge were very receptive to our presence, too. I think they see the upside to having us in there, no matter how rowdy we can get. On Friday night, we joined in the Elks chants and motto yelling in the bar area. It made for a great night and really helped to solidify the agreement that they have with the Elks Lodge.


– Booze: This year the WCGT crew had 2 kegs available as part of your entry fee. In addition to that, they had a custom bar set up that not only served the keg beer, but they had various other beer and liquor for purchase. If you were on Table 1 or 2, you could literally turn around and order a drink… Sadly, I was never that high…

The layout of the bar.
Zach and Leif's game table on Sunday morning... A wall of mimosas somehow made its way onto the table!
Zach and Leif’s game table on Sunday morning… A wall of mimosas somehow made its way onto the table!

– Staff: The crew of West Coast Hammertime put on a great show and were very knowledgeable with the rules when it came to disputes. The venue was just big enough that you could yell out and get somebody’s attention so it never felt like you were ignored. These guys were on top of the whole thing and put on another great show that I was glad to be apart.

Bill and Jim hard at work!


– Players: I’m adding this one because there was a ton of great guys that I got the chance to meet and play against. And some of these guys had some of the best painted armies I’ve ever seen. They definitely have some talent out there in SoCal. The entire atmosphere of the weekend was pretty laid back and everybody was willing to socialize and just have a beer and have fun. While there were some tough armies present I never encountered a guy that was there solely to kick ass and not have fun. The whole aura was pretty peaceful and laid back, which is very indicative of southern California.

Location: The Elks Lodge is located in a small shopping center that is walking distance away from various food locations (in case you didn’t want to eat at the Lodge) and even a grocery store if you needed something from there. The ease of having something so close definitely was a plus.

As for my actual gameplay… in short, I got my ass handed to me. I played against Vampire Counts, Orcs & Goblins, Dark Elves (my 1 win), Empire, and Bretonnians. Don’t get me wrong, there were some great highlights… A few that stand out was in the game against the VC, my Orc Warboss on Wyvern managed to do 64 wounds total to a unit of his ghouls (we kept track). He raised 18 ghouls back over the course of 4 turns so I kept killing them and he kept resurrecting them… Finaly, in Turn 5, I killed off the unit but it was too little, too late. Another was getting of the Foot of Gork against the Empire army… It was on a unit of his 15 man Empire Knights that contained his army general. I stomped – I kid you not – 8 times on him until I finally rolled a 2. After the dust settled, all 14 of his knights were dead and his general had 1 wound… It was the first time I’d ever done that before and we both watched it happen in disbelief! It was hard enough for me to be competitive with Orcs & Goblins but I definitely thought I was going to do better than 1-4. I never had a bad game, though, and even though I only got tabled one time, I still had a great time losing. I will say that out of the 37 tables that they had I got as far back as 29, so I wasn’t dead last!!! I can’t remember exactly where I ended up but I think it was somewhere in the late 50’s to early 60’s, so definitely lower third.

Me, Zach, and Leif.
Me, Zach, and Leif.

To sum up I had another great time at the West Coast GT. I was thankful that my beautiful wife made it come true and let me get away for the weekend. I hope to make it back in the future and hopefully some of those guys can make the journey to central Kansas and support the Wicked GT (I got the chance to pimp out our GT, and the networking aspect was worth it all by itself!). There are a bunch of great gamers and gaming clubs out there and the essence of what this game stands for is evident in those players. They accepted me in 2 years ago when I first showed up and they accepted me again when I got there on Friday night. Playing the games are always a bonus but getting to hang out with some great people makes it even better. There were tons of other things that went on throughout the weekend. The TOs incorporated a Dragonkiller award for the person that killed the most dragons (and believe me, there were a lot!). And after the 3rd game on Saturday night everybody packed up and went to the local bowling alley to drink and have more shenanigans. It made for a great weekend. Congrats again to all of the winners and thanks to West Coast Hammertime for putting on another great GT. Looking forward to Year 4! Here’s some pics from the GT:


New Year, New Warlord Report Out! Wheat Shocker Warlord has been crowned!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, January 12, 2015 at 1:45 PM.

iggykoopaIt’s official! We have crowned our first ever Wheat Shocker Warlord! 12 Generals took to the battlefield this past Saturday and partook in the all the action! There were 3 scenarios to test each general’s worth and in the end, after all the dust had settled, only one remained!

Here are the results from the last tournament in the Wheat Shocker Tournament Series – New Year, New Warlord:

Overall Champion – Adam Haecker (Dark Elves)

Best General – Erik Wilmeth (Empire)

Best Sportsman – Brian Hunter (Vampire Counts)

Best Painted – Austin Murrey (Wood Elves)

Best Army – James Valdez (Daemons)

And after it was all said and done we tallied up the Wheat Shocker Series points totals. If you recall, there was a tight race between John Pike and Erik Wilmeth with Austin Murrey nipping at their heels. Well it came down to the last game and Erik Wilmeth was able to pull ahead of John Pike by taking home Best General honors. For his efforts Austin Murrey was able to claim 2nd place in the standings by jumping John Pike because of his taking of the Best Painted Award. John Pike gained 6 points total and dropped down to 3rd place while Eric Rennie was able to jump me (Ro. Nevarez) for 4th place. I closed it out in 5th place with 70 points. For the final Wheat Shocker Points Standings click here!

The past year we’ve experienced a lot of growth and gained tons of momentum in the Warhammer Fantasy gaming scene. We have a lot of great things going for the Midwest right now, which is why we’ve decided to take on the monumental task of running our very own grand tournament – The Wicked GT. A total of 6 tournaments were played out for the Wheat Shocker Tournament Series over the course of 12 months and there were definitely some great battles throughout. I’m very thankful to everybody that participated in the past year and helped to make it a huge success! It will definitely be back but for now we are focusing on the Wicked GT and getting ready for that. Thanks again to everybody for playing and keep getting those armies (and Golden Toto painting entries) ready because the Wicked GT will be here in about 4 months!

Here’s some pics from the weekend: