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Golden Toto Painting Competition Model Feature – Austin Murrey’s Warriors of Chaos Battle Standard Bearer.

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, June 2, 2015 at 1:50 PM.

iggykoopaAs everybody is aware, we held the first ever Wicked GT on May 15-17, 2015 and it turned out to be awesome! We also had our first ever Golden Toto Painting Competition! We’ve received a ton of feedback on both the GT as well as the painting competition and we have some great changes in store for next year. Some of the things we’re looking at doing is reducing the number of entries per person, entry sheets so we know what we’re actually looking at, and lowering the entry fee so that it’s one set price as opposed to multiple cost for multiple entries. Next year is going to be even better and we’re even having Bam Bam Hunter sculpt some actual Golden Toto Trophies to hand out to each of the winners (we’ll have some WIP pictures in the future)! Trust me, you’re going to want to get in on the painting competition next year, it’s going to be much bigger and better!

As for this past Golden Toto Painting Competition, I’ve teamed up with resident B.A.W.G.S. member Austin Murrey, who is no stranger to the paint brush and was able to snap a few pics and get some general information on his winning entry – a Warriors of Chaos Battle Standard Bearer. This model won first place in the Best Single Model Category of the painting competition and Austin walked away with a plaque as well as some nice swag from (remember that these guys sponsored the Golden Toto Painting Competition, and they have some NICE custom miniatures, check em out!). This is the first of the Golden Toto Painting Competition Model Feature, read on to find out more!


Golden Toto Painting Competition Model Feature

Painter: Austin Murrey

Type of Model: Warriors of Chaos Battle Standard Bearer

Painting Competition Category: Best Single Model (on foot)

1. Give some details on the type of paint colors and styles that you used to paint the model: 

Austin: The main armor and skin colors are similar to what I used on my foot warriors and knights, but are a little more colorful than the core, and most of the metal is gold rather than silver.  Obviously the focus of this model is the banner.  First, I didn’t want the background to simply be purple, as that would fade into the rest of the army, but thought it should blend in with the overall scheme somehow.  I decided to fade the purple to blue, a color that appears here and there in details of the other units.  The darkest regions of both colors were left in the middle, the better to contrast with the chaos star I knew I was going to put there.  For the star itself, I roughed it in with the yellow base paint, so that I’d get good coverage with one layer.  Since it was to be intricate and fine-lined, I didn’t want to have to go over it all twice to get the basic shape.  Then I kept adding off-white to the yellow for the highlight.  Similar technique for the filigree down the edges.


2. How long did it take you to paint?

Austin: 5 – 6 hours, including the banner.

3. Would you consider this model to be your “centerpiece” model for the army? Why? 

Austin: In the army list I’ve used in the past, this model was probably the centerpiece, as it was certainly the one with the most dramatic detail.


4. How does this model usually fare on the battlefield? 

Austin: Pretty well.  He usually sticks it out to the end of the battle, and even engages in some challenges when he’s feeling froggy.

5. Anything else you’d like to add about this model / why you chose it / army details / etc.  

Austin: This model is sculpted and “marketed” as a chaos lord on foot, but the fact that he is holding his weapon shaft straight upright, I thought, begged for it to be a BSB.  The banner itself is from the Marauder horsemen sprues.  Pretty big banner for core fast cavalry.

Also, it seems odd, but one of my favorite things about how this model came out is the handful of skulls on the base.  Shadowing and highlights came out just how I pictured, which doesn’t quite happen very often.

That’s the first of our Golden Toto Painting Competition Model Feature! Thanks to Austin Murrey for answering our questions and taking the time to showcase his winning entry. If you’ve seen some of Austin’s work in the past then you know that he absolutely brings it when he paints! There’s more model features coming in the near future, make sure to check back and thanks for reading!