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B.A.W.G.S. Player Profiles – Brian Hunter and Alex Bade!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, May 28, 2015 at 2:21 PM.

iggykoopaWe’re trying something new here at the Midwest Gaming Alliance Blog! If you haven’t seen how the first ever Wicked GT went, then take yourself right on over to this link here and find out who won and brought home all the swag! We had a great time and are already gearing up for next year. Don’t forget that it will move to March 2016 and we are currently working on specific dates as of right now. So stay tuned as as we get dates finalized and we’ll let you know when that date will be. Also, we’re working on a new set of Wheat Shocker Series Tournaments that will lead up to the Wicked GT… it’s another set of tournaments that will track points and awards players for participating in multiple tournaments as well as winning several types of awards. If you participated in the first Wheat Shocker Tournament Series then you’ll know that these are some great tournaments that feature a lot of great armies and generals. We’re looking at holding the tournaments in August, October, December and finally in February 2016, just one month before the Wicked GT 2016. This will serve as a primer to the Wicked GT and will hopefully get everybody excited about what’s coming next! Dates for all of these will be here soon, we hope to have you guys participate in these upcoming tournaments because we sure enjoy putting them on for you. As always, these tournaments will be held at Hero Complex in Wichita, Kansas.

We had a great showing at the Wicked GT this year. There were a total of 9 members from the B.A.W.G.S. that participated and Erik Wilmeth ended up winning it all with his Ogre Kingdoms army. Since our numbers are starting to grow and we’re making more and more appearances at tournaments across the Midwest I thought it’d be a good idea to start showcasing some of these players and getting their names out on the street! So we’re going to have a couple of player profiles over the next few months to show who the face of B.A.W.G.S. is and a little bit about each of them. Here we go!

B.A.W.G.S. Player Profile

Name: Alex Bade joesnuffy Years of Service (to the hobby): 13 years

Types of games played: WHFB obviously, WH40K, Warmachine / Hordes, PC / Console, RPGs

Favorite Warhammer Army: Ogre Kingdoms

Favorite Warhammer Model: New End Times Nagash

Grand Tournaments Attended: The Wicked GT, Iron Halo

Major Victories (at a GT): Turn 5 Table against Dwarfs at the Wicked GT 2015.

Player Summary: (Written by Alex) Mostly I enjoy hanging out with friends, sharing gaming victory stories or road trip tales (well embellished, of course), and have a few drinks after or between games. I also love playing at Hero Complex, it’s hands down one of the best stores and gaming areas in the country!

B.A.W.G.S. Player Profile IMG_0665

Name: Brian “Bam Bam” Hunter

Years of Service (to the hobby): Since 1995, so 20 years

Types of games played: WHFB, WH40k, Warmachine / Hordes

Favorite Warhammer Army: Warriors of Chaos

Favorite Warhammer Model: The 3rd edition release Gotrek from a Gotrek and Felix set. He’s holding a trolls severed head.

Hunter’s Gotrek model.

Grand Tournaments Attended: One. Yes… One. The Wicked GT.

Major Victories (at a GT): I drank the equivalent of a fifth of whiskey at our Wicked GT and still walked up my steps that night… That’s a major victory!

Player Summary: (Written by Brian) I started playing tabletop wargames when I was in the army. I had a buddy who I shared a room in the barracks with who got ahold of the Rogue Trader rule book and a couple of minis. I loved painting the figures and the building side of the game. I enjoyed putting together miniatures and painting them to be marveled at on a table top. We were both hooked. My buddy lives in California today, and he is still playing 40k, long after we left the army. Around 1995 I was traveling home to Wichita from Ft. Riley on the weekends and was going to a local comic book store and the owner had broken open a boxed set of Necromunda when I was there. Little did I know that would be the start of my gaming “family” for many years to come. Some of my gaming friends held my daughters when they were babies and have watched them grow into young women. They have seen me come and go in the group because of life and we have always picked up right where we left off. At times I am way too competitive and get frustrated by wins and losses, but underneath it all, the best thing about wargaming is the friends I have made who became family. I wouldn’t trade my buddies for the world. Thanks for reading. There’s plenty more to come including showcases of other players as well as winners from the Golden Toto Painting Competition and more! Keep coming back, Warhammer is taking off here in the Midwest!