About Horned Rat Rob

My name is Rob Nevarez and I run this site with my identical twin brother, Ro. Nevarez (Iggykoopa). I’ve been playing tabletop games for 14 years now and it’s the best hobby I’ve ever had. I enjoy tabletop games of all kind but my true love is Warhammer Fantasy Battles. In particular, Skaven is my go to army! I’ve always had a special place in my heart for knights, castles, dragons, and wizards so naturally, Warhammer Fantasy fits right into that genre for me. I play everything from Warhammer Fantasy, WH40K, Warmachine, Bloodbowl, etc. At some point, I’ve played (and enjoyed) them all! The greatest thing about tabletop gaming is the friendships. Over the years, I’ve met and befriended some great people that, without Warhammer, I would have never met otherwise. That said, we have a group name – B.A.W.G.S. – Brothers in Arms Wargaming Society. Anyone can be a part, all you have to do is ask! We are a tight knit group that has passion for the game and play competitively, but we always keep in mind the spirit of the game and I can personally vouch for anyone in my group, we are not power gamers and we don’t have any of “those guys”! We just love the game!

I also run our local tournaments at Hero Complex in Wichita, KS. Along with my brother, we are the creators of the Warhammer Wheatshocker Tournament Series. It’s my goal to have an annual Warhammer Grand Tournament in the Midwest and with the help of my tabletop gaming friends (this means you!), we can make that a reality.

Thanks for stopping by the site and make sure to follow the page as it’s constantly updated with the latest information about the happenings in the Midwest!

Welcome to the Midwest Gaming Alliance brotherhood!


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