About Iggy

iggy-koopaI’ve been painting / table top gaming / all things nerdy for about 14 years now… It all began when my brother (HornedRatRob) and I purchased a copy of Mordheim. I remember seeing the game and falling in love with the models, the painting aspect, and how deep the history and characters of the fantasy world was. I was hooked. I moved to Wichita and began going to the local shop there called Agents of C.O.M.I.C.S. and became part of the gaming group there. In total, there are about 10 solid gamers but several others that come in and out. I’ve been part of this group and even though I’ve moved around the world a lot over the last several years I’m now back in the Midwest (OKC) and the core of the group remains the same. We’ve played all games together ranging from WHFB, WH40k, Mordheim, Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Inquisitor, and even branched out to other games like Warmachine / Hordes.

I’ve done lots of things for the hobby that I love over the years. Back in the day when GW had their Outrider program I was one of them. I’ve run several local tournaments and even pulled off one of the biggest ones we’ve ever had in Wichita back in 2005 (I think…) It was called the Worlds at War Weekend and it was the equivalent of a Grand Tournament. A 3 day tournament that consisted of a WHFB, WH40k, and Warmachine Tournament as well as the coveted Golden Agent Painting Competition. Ultimately, this is what this blog is attempting to do: Get back to the Golden Age of gaming and put the Midwest on the map for Tabletop Gamers. I’ve also won lots of painting awards with my armies over the years, as well as taken home some other awards like Sportsmanship, Player’s Choice, and a few Overall awards.

If you can’t already tell, I enjoy playing in tournaments and traveling around to play lots of different people and seeing new armies and conversions. I’ve been painting for about 14 years now and enjoy taking my time on my miniatures and shooting for winning Best Painted at a lot of the tournaments I enter. One of the things you’ll notice on this blog is my contributions of my painting projects… as there are always many of them in work at the same time…

The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness for the Midwest (ranging from as far south as north Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Missouri, and more…) and let the national gaming scene know that we have hardcore and amazing gamers here and we can run our own huge tournaments and events. We currently have forums and are working with teaming with all types of groups spread across the Midwest to get us all put on a single website so that we are all working together. By supporting  each other’s local tournaments and spreading the words for all of us in the Midwest then we can make ourselves known. If you would like to join us in our pursuit to become Midwest’s finest then please just shoot us an email and let us know! Lookin’ forward to expanding more and more with each passing day!


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