Battle for Oz Round 4 – Dorothy’s Revenge – Tournament Report Out!!

Submitted by Iggy Koopa, February 23, 2016 at 7:43 AM.

iggykoopaThe Battle for Oz Tournament Series has come to a close and we sent it off with a great Final Round (Dorothy’s Revenge) by having 10 generals show up to do battle! There was some hard fought games, plenty of people meddling with the Winds of Magic, and in the end there was a first ever Grand Champion crowned! If you recall, we set out to have 4 tournaments that would be Wizard of Oz themed and lead up to the Wicked GT next month! Well after some thought we came up with the Battle for Oz Tournament Series!! And over the last year we’ve played 4 different tournaments – all with their own theme – and finally crowned the Grand Champion, based off of the final points standings!


Here’s the final standings:

  • Overall Champion – Rob Nevarez, Dwarven Holds (2-1 record, 112 of 150 points total)
  • Best General – Jon Pike, Sylvan Elves (2-1 record, 58 of 75 Battle Points)
  • Best Sportsman – Evan Schwamb, Vampire Covenant
  • Best Appearance – Austin Murrey, Kingdom of Equitaine (see below!)

And we also crowned the first ever Grand Champion of the Battle for Oz Tournament Series! Sticking with the theme of Best General for all 4 tournaments, Jon Pike walked away as the first ever Battle for Oz Tournament Series Grand Champion! He ended up with a total of 77 Points! Coming up right in 2nd place was Austin Murrey with 75 total points. It was a close race throughout the entire series!

Below are some pictures of Austin’s amazing Kingdom of Equitaine army!


And here’s some more pics from this past weekend!


Thank you to everybody that helped to make the first ever Battle for Oz Tournament Series a success! We had a great time running the events and seeing how it all came down to the end in the points race and enjoyed seeing the changes in armies throughout the year. Upcoming is a 9th Age Escalation that is set to kick off as soon as we finish up the Wicked GT next month (March 18-20, 2016). So if you’re interested in signing up then make sure to do so by sending an email to!

Lastly, if you want to follow us on any forms of social media that we have here at the Midwest Gaming Alliance then please follow the following (or have others follow them) as they are all updated at the same time! Thanks!


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